The Radisson Park In Hotel is located in front of Brussels South Station, in the center of the city. This is a district where residents, tourists and daily commuters are desparately looking for affordable and safe parking solutions. In October 2014, they decided to trust BePark to find a way to mutualize their private parking by putting it at the disposition of the public. After a quick assessment of the situation of the parking, BePark decided to focus on generating a mix of recurring revenues. We decided to sell monthly subscriptions for residents and high margins revenue via reservations for commuters.

After a few months adjusting to find the best sales strategy and the right channels for this specific parking, the revenues started to increase steadily up to this day. Today, the carpark’s occupation rate are consistenly between 90 and 100% and Radisson is happy to help solve the parking issue in the district while earning a significant and previously untapped revenue.