Valuation of the parking vacancy

  • BePark brings value out of your empty parking spaces.
  • Large range of products for every specific need: monthly subscriptions, daily reservations or parking à la minute.
  • Optimization of occupation rates.

We enhance the value of your available parking spots by offering parking solutions that corresponds to users needs.

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Multichannel commercialization

  • BePark reaches the people who are looking for a parking spot around your parking.
  • A “one-stop shop” for the commercialization of your parking with dozens of Partners.
  • Efficient commercialization and a quick occupancy process.

BePark makes sure to reach potential clients through a multichannel commercialization process. We use both innovative marketing techniques and strategic Partnerships to reach the greatest amount of prospects  and bring you faster revenues.

Control and management of mutualized parkings

  • User-friendly and innovative access system.
  • Real time view of the parking occupation available to parking owners.
  • 24/7 Support & Helpdesk.

BePark grants access to your parking and manages it in a secure and transparent way. You can see in real time who is using your parking via our Extranet. With a 24/7 helpdesk, dedicated customer care and on-call technicians, customer satisfaction is our top priority.


Expertise in the conception of new mutualized parkings

  • BePark helps you define the right amount of parking places you need.
  • We think in terms of use rather than ownership.
  • Build less parking spots and save time and money.

BePark helps you estimate the parking needs of your real estate project depending on its use and the best way to mutualize the places. Are you building housing, offices and shops at the same time? Reduce the amount of parking spaces by mutualizing them between the different users’ profiles. Build smarter and save money.